Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kings Peak 2008

       Well I thought i would get on here and tell you all about the hike that game me the bug. I have always been interested in the outdoors but it became a passion for me on the hike to Kings Peak, in the High Uintas of Utah? At 15,268 feet tall Kings peak is the hightest peak in the state of Utah. 

       The first time up Kings Peak was with my scout troop in the summer of 2008. Todd Miller (Scout leader) Casey Sullivan (Guide) Eli Freebairn (Close friend) and myself (...duh) Started the hike about midday from the Henry Forks Basin trail head.  
It was a ten mile hike to our campground in Henry Forks Basin. The sights on the way there were spectacular!! We folloed the river for most of the way and took in the sights as Casey our guide told us stories about how him and his father used to bring horses here all the time. I could not get over the beauty of this place, but it hadn't even started! We crossed a log bridge over the river turned a bend and then we could see it!
Kings Peak stood out on the skyline. Alone and magestic looking out at all of the wilderness. It looked so far away i started to believe that we would never get there. We hiked and hiked walking through more pine forrests and the occasional clearing. Feet starting to hurt and very tired we sat down to rest but Casey looked down the trail and all of a sudden jumped to his feet "Come on guys we are almost to the good part!" he exclaimed. We slowly got our feet and walked behind him. "The good part?" that is an understatement. Spreading out in front of us was Henry Forks Basin. The sheer expanse of it left me breathless and eventually annoyed me  because it was to big to get a picture of ;) We could see sparkling waterfalls, moose, herds of deer, bronze lakes with winding streams between them. Kings Peak was still as distant as ever but the beauty drove away all pain and tiredness.

We wondered around Henry Forks looking for a campsite, we found a carrin and stopped for some rest and my buddy Eli show yall. The pass that is in the background of the photo on the right side is called Gunforks pass and that is the way we went to get to the peak itself, but more on that later. Finally we found a spot to set up camp and I gratefully let my pack fall to the ground and promptly sat down right on it. I was not moving for a good hour, and so we sat there enjoying the wonders of this valley deep in the High Uintas wilderness. We ate some snacks, beef jerky for me!!!! (I reeeally like that stuff if you can't tell)  and then proceeded to set up camp. As I pulled my tent out of my back something shimmering out in the field of green caught my attention. Looking more carefully I saw that this shimmer was a waterfall. I actually let out a small yelp and headed straight for it. The others followed and we were soon playing in a waterfall!!

So exploring the waterfall was a blast and very restfull. One plunge in the falls themselves and I was wide awake. Ready for another adventure. We spent probably an hour, hour and a half at the falls, when I looked around and found that Casey was gone. Wonderin where he was I climbed up to the top of the falls and looked out over Henry Forks. He was very easy to spot among all the green. He had produced a fly fishing pole from who knows where and was fishing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bells Canyon 2009

The beauty of the creek coming from the upper bells resivior
amazes me.

Lower Bells falls

Upper Bells falls

Bronze Water!!

Lake Blanche 2009

So this is Sundial peak which is one of the most photographed peaks in the
Wasatch front. I love this photograph because the sunset was perfect right when
took the shot. The golden light was there for a grand total of thirty seconds!